Five Best Online Slots to Play in 2021

Today we are here bringing you the five best slots of 2021. Every year, gambling companies release new slots to keep the fans’ excitement going on. This year too, some new slots have been released that you should know about as they are the trending ones.

Also, online casinos have put the players on much more freedom than traditional casinos. The period of pandemics made it all possible that today most casinos are online. Let’s get going to these five best online casino slots-

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza simply means slot machines that are candy-themed. There are not just famous mobile phones that are candy-themed but slot machines too, and how can we forget Candy Crush that made us all fall in love with Candy games.

These are colorful slot machines that have sweet and sugary animations that are loved by most casino fans. These slots are generally fast, smooth, and less glitchy.

Floating Dragon: Hold & Spin

This one makes a dazzling slot machine game because of the amazing visuals used blended with high-quality, smooth operation. Other than the visuals and user interface, its free spins and chances to huge winnings make it one of the best slots this year. No doubt the game has a high RTP of 96.71%!

Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz was a hit slot machine back in 2017; casino fans truly loved it. This year, its sequel Reactoonz2 has been released that the company had to launch after having massive positive reviews and popularity.

The new version offers huge improvements in every aspect, from its smooth play to bonuses and spins.


Jumanji slot machine freshens up the memories of 90s kids that come from the movie Jumanji. This slot machine is an effort of NetEnt to bring thrill and excitement back to life via this slot machine. Those who are fans of Jumanji or its sequel are going to have a good time playing this slot machine.

Anna Van Helsing Monster Huntress

The slot is inspired by the franchise Van Helsing, a monster hunter. If you are someone who amuses seeing dark and gothic elements in the game, then this slot machine is the right one for you. This slot machine is popular enough with a high RTP of 96.18%!

So these are the five slot machines that you should try before the year passes by. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other themes introduced by the slot machines that you can have a check on and see what excites you.