Dominic LoRiggio

The 7th best gambler in the world is Dominic LoRiggio, a professional craps player. His nickname is ‘The Dominator’ or ‘The Golden Arm Man’.

He uses “Dice Control”, which means that you can win if you release the dice in a certain way. This method of gaining an advantage in the game is similar to counting cards in the game of Blackjack.

Early Childhood

Almost nothing is known about LoRiggio’s early years, except that he was born in the 1960s in the United States, where he completed his studies. After his studies, he initially worked as an Office Clerk. Eventually, he became intrigued with the game of Craps, which he taught himself while he was studying.

Dice rolling techniques

According to LoRiggio, he was able to drop out many combinations by using various dice throwing techniques. Changing hand movements and throwing movements to alter odds in his favour allowed him to get the desired result he sought. Further to this, he also used controlled shooting, which he also taught to friend Frank Skoblete.

In Vegas, playing Craps

Skoblete and LoRiggio played craps at casinos in Las Vegas until the casinos banned them from their premises.

Despite this, they did manage to amass some large sums of money before the ban.

What is Dominic LoRiggio doing now?

Currently, LoRiggio has a website called, where he promotes his Golden Touch Craps DVD. He also writes for gaming magazines, conducts training seminars, and gives private lessons to people searching for Dice-Control.

The Dice Dominator was the subject of an episode of Breaking Vegas on The History Channel in which his life story was told.

Recently, LoRiggio demonstrated how to control dice rolling on National Geographic. He also significantly impacted casino craps gambling with his Golden TouchTM CrapsTM dice control and Golden TouchTM Blackjack classes and seminars, which he teaches across the country.