Top Pro Gambler Tools!

Many people employ many strategies to support their odds of winning. However, have you thought about software or tools that can make gambling easy for you?

Well, there are not many tools to take help for gambling, and it is understandable why. But there are some that, if you understand, you can increase your winning chances or at least comprehend the game well.

Here are some popular tools used by pros to having support while gambling-

CardsChat Poker Odds Calculator

It is a calculator app that calculates and provides odds for some greatly known games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and more. Of course, you can play without such a tool, but when you want to advance your game, the tool helps.

The calculator helps you by estimating the chances of your hands against others. It presents them in snapshots that are easily understandable. The amazing graphics and rich user interface let you calculate the odds while being at the table.


The Rebelbetting website is another fancy you can make use of. They are defeating the bookmakers at their own game. The website is for someone who wants predictions on betting for sports.

The game works on two elements-

Value betting: This feature is flaunted as the easiest way to make money. Via this, customers bet on overpriced odds. Using this, you can ensure your monthly ROI of 30 percent.

Sure betting: It allows customers to bet on all the odds, and they win every time. This one greatly diminishes the risk while guaranteeing a constant win.

Betting Metrics

This tool helps greatly, especially if the players bet on sports events. This tool allows you to bet on different sports happenings using only one platform. You can also track all your bets and manage them from there.

The overview of the outcome is displayed in a pie chart where it shows the chances of winning, losing, half winning, and such factors. You also get access to the longest winning streak, average odds of winning and losing, and more.

Trademate Sports

The Trademate Sports employs an algorithm that tells you the true odds of winning and opportunities where you can win. Users can also track all their bets using the tool; the easy graphs make them understand every factor.

It lets you access all the sporting events that serious players must own as it charges you almost 400 Euros.

Michael Mizrachi

Michael David Mizrachi is a US professional poker player who started playing at 13 and is better known as “The Grinder”. This nickname signifies his determination and fiercely competitive spirit when sitting at a poker table and the fact that he keeps grinding out results. He has won the 2010, 2012 and 2018 WSOP and two World Poker Tour Titles.

Personal Life

Mizrachi was born in Miami, Florida, on the 5th January 1981 and has a fraternal twin named Eric, a poker player, and an older brother, Robert Mizrachi, who has numerous WSOP and World Poker Tour finishes. Mizrachi is fluent in Hebrew, and growing up, he wanted to become a doctor but instead left college to play poker full time.

Poker Career

In 2005 Michael made a name for himself in the WSOP, with seven money finishes in a single year, going on to winning the Card Player of the Year Award in 2006. Michael then finished third in the 2008 World Series of Poker playing the $10000 Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship and won his first bracelet Poker Players Championship, defeating Vladimir Schemelev.

His brother Robert finished 5th in the same event. Even though Mizrachi’s performance was strong at the 2010 WSOP Frank Kassela received the Player of the Year Award. In 2011 Mizrachi just missed winning his second bracelet when he took second place; however, at the 2011 WSOP he defeated Shawn Buchanan in a heads up play and won his second bracelet. He continued grinding out results, and in 2019 Mizrachi won his fifth bracelet in event #27, beating a field of 460 players for $142 801.

As of January 2020, Michael Mizrachi’s live Tournament winnings exceed $17 million, with his 64 WSOP cashes making up for $9,169 857 of those earnings. It seems there is no stopping “The Grinder.”

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson was born on August 10 1933, in Longworth, Fisher County, Texas, USA. He is a well-known poker player that was known as Texas Dolly. His poker career lasted for 50 years until he decided to retire.

He won the well-known World Series of Poker ( WSOP ) twice and was also the first poker player to win $1 million in a poker tournament. He is also a well-known poker writer with many books to his name. Furthermore, he is also an inductee in the Poker Hall of Fame.

How his Poker Career Started

When Doyle Brunson was young, he loved playing basketball, and his main goal was to play in the NBA. However, this dashed all hopes of pursuing his promising NBA career when he sustained a knee injury.

He then went on to study and got himself a Bachelors and master’s degree in administrative education.

In between his studies, he also learned how to play 5 card draw poker, became quite good at it, and beat many fellow students at the game.

After completing his studies, he got a job as a Salesman, and during his first day with his workmates, he played a game of seven-card stud poker. He won over one months salary in this game, which got him even more interested in playing poker professionally. This is exactly what he did when he left the Company within a few months of commencing his employment.

Doyle Brunson Playing Poker

Brunson and his friend Dwayne Hamilton initially played poker in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana at illegal poker houses run by organized crime syndicates.

They eventually parted ways, and Brunson moved to Las Vegas, where he won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets during his poker days.


Doyle Brunson eventually retired in June 2018 to spend more time with his wife, who was sick.

Dominic LoRiggio

The 7th best gambler in the world is Dominic LoRiggio, a professional craps player. His nickname is ‘The Dominator’ or ‘The Golden Arm Man’.

He uses “Dice Control”, which means that you can win if you release the dice in a certain way. This method of gaining an advantage in the game is similar to counting cards in the game of Blackjack.

Early Childhood

Almost nothing is known about LoRiggio’s early years, except that he was born in the 1960s in the United States, where he completed his studies. After his studies, he initially worked as an Office Clerk. Eventually, he became intrigued with the game of Craps, which he taught himself while he was studying.

Dice rolling techniques

According to LoRiggio, he was able to drop out many combinations by using various dice throwing techniques. Changing hand movements and throwing movements to alter odds in his favour allowed him to get the desired result he sought. Further to this, he also used controlled shooting, which he also taught to friend Frank Skoblete.

In Vegas, playing Craps

Skoblete and LoRiggio played craps at casinos in Las Vegas until the casinos banned them from their premises.

Despite this, they did manage to amass some large sums of money before the ban.

What is Dominic LoRiggio doing now?

Currently, LoRiggio has a website called, where he promotes his Golden Touch Craps DVD. He also writes for gaming magazines, conducts training seminars, and gives private lessons to people searching for Dice-Control.

The Dice Dominator was the subject of an episode of Breaking Vegas on The History Channel in which his life story was told.

Recently, LoRiggio demonstrated how to control dice rolling on National Geographic. He also significantly impacted casino craps gambling with his Golden TouchTM CrapsTM dice control and Golden TouchTM Blackjack classes and seminars, which he teaches across the country.